Image by Jeremy Thomas


Frequently asked questions

Will my Nanonaut™ actually go to space?

Yes! Your Nanonaut™ will be fitted beneath the adaptor plate on Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne!

Will I get my Nanonaut™ once it’s back from space?

No, your Nanonaut™ will orbit Earth for up to 25 years, when it will burn up in the atmosphere. You will, however, get a personalised replica to keep! They make great presents!

What is included on the Space Camp?

Your £800 covers the activities. Food and lodging must be arranged.

Is the Zero G experience safe?

Yes. Parabolic flights have been flown by NASA, The Russian Space Program and European Space Agency for the past 50 years. All staff on board are qualified and experienced with conducting the Zero G flights.

What is included in the GoZeroG package?

Your £8000 per person includes flights to and from the USA, your accommodation, a trip to the NASA Space Centre, the ZeroG flights, and merchandise.

Is there an upper age limit to the Junior Astronaut Programme?

Our programme is open to anyone interested in STEM at ages 8-25.

What does enrolment in the Junior Astronaut Programme cover?

Junior Astronaut members will receive regular STEM learning, private content, events and workshops that don’t require further investment.

Do you need to be a Junior Astronaut member to do the programmes?

You do not need to be a Junior Astronaut member to: go to Space Camp, do the Flight Experiments, or take part in the GoZeroG experience. You do, however, need to be a Junior Astronaut member to have the chance to go to space.