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Image by Clyde RS

Copilot one of our top-of-the-range motor gliders from our fleet of 50!


During 2021 they will be based all over the world.  Starting in the UK, next the USA, then the Middle East.  The full fleet will be available for flight experiments by the end of 2022. Click here to register your interest in flying with us. 


You will get to conduct hyper and microgravity experiments whilst thousands of feet in the air! You can join us in a vast range of experiments, such as flying parabolas to investigate how objects behave in microgravity.


The experiments and their complexity will vary based on your age. You’ll need to be at least 8 to fly. Our expert astronaut instructor friends have all worked for the European Space Agency and have designed a programme of experiments for age ranges 8-12 | 13-17 | 18-25.  Prepare to be amazed; prepare to be inspired; prepare for the future.


Before take-off, you will participate in the pre-flight briefing. This will cover safety, the weather, what to expect on the flight, what will happen and when, who will do what, what to expect from the experiments, and what you will be doing to make them a success.


This session will consist of STEM-related activities to help prepare you for your flight and to carry out the experiments on board. Click here to find out more about the experiments.


You will then be airborne for approximately 1 hour, performing the experiments that apply to all astronauts with our expert flight instructors- some of them have even been to space! You are in the safest of hands whilst flying and all operations are conducted to the highest flight safety standards and local aviation regulations.


The Aircraft & specification:

The Grob G109 Able.  All our aircraft are brand new, superb pieces of aircraft engineering.  They have the latest newest glass cockpits, side-by-side seating, and full dual controls.  The instrument panel is like a spaceship in its own right!


The aircraft is fully approved for aerobatics and are stressed to +5 / -2G 

(All aircraft are certified for use and operation in the country of operation)


Glide ratio: 1:26.5 (verified)
- Take Off Run: 249 m / 817 feet (verified)
- Landing Run: 205 m / 673 feet (original data)
- Cruise speed up to: 205 km/h (111 kt) TAS @ 5,000 ft (verified) - Cruise speed up to: 201 km/h (109 kt) TAS @ 10,000 ft (verified) - Climb rate: 3.4 m/s (670 ft/min) (verified)
- Range of up to: 1,429 km / 771 nm (max power at 10,000ft)
- Maximum Take Off Mass: 875 kg
- Empty Weight: 664 kg
- Useful Load: 211 kg
- Baggage Load: 20 kg
- Endurance: 7h:10mm (@10,000ft cruise case) 


Join us in the air from Spring 2021! Register your interest to fly with us and make a start on you astronaut career!


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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