Image by Jeremy Thomas


Image by Jeremy Perkins

The most UNBELIEVABLE opportunity ever!

Get on board now and launch your very own Nanonaut! 


Your tiny satellite – called a Nanonaut - will soon be hurtling through space at thousands of miles per hour! We’ll send it hundreds of miles above Earth where it will orbit our planet for up to 25 years!


Your Nanonaut will ride with Virgin Orbit (our exclusive satellite rideshare partner) on their amazing LauncherOne rocket that transports payloads into orbit. Your Nanonaut can be on the next launch! You’ll even have exclusive access to our app so you can track your Nanonaut and send alerts when it goes over friends and family.  You can watch it at any time as it flies above the Earth’s widest oceans, remotest deserts and densest jungles.


For just £135, you’ll have your own satellite in orbit and your very own tracking system. 

Be quick, though! There is very limited room available on LauncherOne, so be quick to ensure you are on the next launch.


​What else will you get? Well…

We’ll film the rocket launch so you can watch your Nanonaut blast off on LauncherOne!

The only thing we can’t help you with is convincing your friends to believe that you actually own your own satellite.


They’ll be so jealous!

Nanonauts cannot be sold for advertising or commercial purposes