How to Become an Astronaut? Follow Your Dreams and Land on Mars

Updated: Feb 17

Want to walk on the Moon or explore Mars? We knew it! You want to become an astronaut. The only question is: are you ready to work hard? The view from space is really worth it.

Becoming an astronaut is not easy. Nope. But it’s not impossible either. And lucky for you, we’re going to tell you exactly how to become a an astronaut. So, follow your dreams and follow us. The journey to space begins here.

Pay attention in school

To become an astronaut, you need to love school. Now, don’t give us that look. You can’t venture to outer space without knowing how to put two and two together.

All famous astronauts studied hard. Neil Armstrong did his homework every night. Even when he didn’t feel like it and wanted to play instead.

So you must too. If you want to become an astronaut, you need to study maths, physics, biology and computer science. After all, curiosity is what leads to exploration.

Go to Space Camp

The first steps to the Moon start right here, on Earth.

Space Camp can help get a taste of the life of an astronaut. Plus, it will teach you more about how to become one.

You’ll take part in experiments, flight training, workshops, jet engine reparations, and many other thrilling activities. Curious what else you'll do? Read this article about Space Camp to find out.

At the end of Space Camp, you’ll feel more ready than ever to hop on a rocket and fly to Mars. Or at least you’ll know what your next step should be.

Get a STEM master’s degree OR join the military

There is no such thing as an Astronauts University (unfortunately!). You can’t apply for a degree that will take you to space.

Still, you need a degree to become an astronaut. And not just any degree, a master’s degree, which means you’ll need to spend extra years in school.

Usually, astronauts get degrees in STEM disciplines: science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

So what are you passionate about? To become an astronaut you can study anything from engineering to mathematics, physics, biology or computer science. Excited yet?

Well, in case you’re not, there’s another option. To become an astronaut, you can also start by joining the Army, the Navy or the Air Force.

There you’ll learn many of the skills that will make you an awesome astronaut. Yeap, flying included! If you want to start earlier, check out our exciting flight experiments.

Apply for an astronaut position

Once you get your University degree or complete your military training, it’s time harder!

We told you that becoming an astronaut won’t be easy. But again, the view from space...oh, boy, it’s so worth it!

Big space agencies such as NASA ask for at least two years practising a career related to mathematics, biology, tech, computer science, physics or science in general.

Only then you can apply for an astronaut position. Be ready to apply for as many times as necessary. And be prepared to also train even more if you get accepted.

The long journey to space

If you were wondering “how to become an astronaut”, now you know. The journey is long, but it’s mega-exciting. Just imagine how it will feel wearing, for the first time, your astronaut costume?

But before you get to the International Space Station, the Moon, Mars or any other planet, you need to study hard.

No matter your age, the journey to space begins here, as a junior astronaut.

We’ve even prepared some fun space programmes that will train you for your first big adventure.

Ready? Put your spacesuit on and let’s go!