Spacecraft Camp: Get a Taste of What It Means to Be an Astronaut

Updated: Feb 17

Hello, astronaut to be!

Congrats for your fantastic career choice. You will one day change our world and even space!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get to work. Because to become an astronaut, you'll need to study hard and train even harder.

But you know what?! It's going to be a tremendously fun adventure! And the first step to discovering just how amazing an astronaut's life can be is...spacecraft camp!

What exactly will you learn at spacecraft camp? And will you get to truly walk in the boots of an astronaut? Oh, yes! And that's just the beginning. Curious to know what more's in store at spacecraft camp? Suit up and read on!

Rocket design & construction

To get to space, you'll need a rocket. Of course, astronauts don't build their own rockets, but they do have to know as much as possible about them.

And what better way to learn about rockets than by discovering how to design and construct one?

At spacecraft camp, you'll dive into fun engineering stuff, with a cool rocket design project that will take you one step closer to landing on…well, you'll find out.

VR flight training

Next, you'll learn how to manoeuvre your rocket — or any other flying object for that matter.

As an astronaut, you'll need to have quick reflexes, and spacecraft camp will give you the chance to practice your pilot skills. Guided by professionals, you will complete pilot challenges and go through a virtual flight training that will show you how flying feels.

Hold on tight, because it's going to be an incredible experience that will only open your appetite for more flight experiments.

Human performance training

How well can you keep your cool? We hope that the answer is "very well". As an astronaut, you'll need to remain calm and face whatever challenge comes your way. But worry not, spacecraft camp will prep you for the unexpected.

Suppose you decide to become a Junior Astronaut and enrol in our spacecraft camp programme. In that case, you'll gain the precision and accuracy of a REAL astronaut.

How? By venturing into the nooks and crannies of underground caves, and cramped, dark places.

Scared? Don't be. You'll always be safe, and the fun is guaranteed.

Emergency training

Uh-oh! Venturing into space is not for the faint-hearted. After all, there are so many unknowns, and you have to be ready for things not to go your way.

At spacecraft camp, we'll teach you how to survive the harshest of conditions. You'll find the bravery in you to make it through even the most unbelievable scenarios.

You'll be a space-hero that brings a new dawn onto humanity.

Engineering and science experiments

The main goal of an astronaut is to experiment and make discoveries. So, if you want to be one of them, you'll have to understand how to conduct scientific experiments.

You'll send radiosonde balloons up into the atmosphere at over 100,000ft, and observe them as they carry out experiments.

In fact, you will be able to watch how the experiments unfold and discover a view that only astronauts have seen so far.

Will you join us for space camp 2021?

April is almost here, and spacecraft camp is so near!

If you want to start pursuing your dream to become an astronaut, this is your first step.

Join us to discover if space is meant for you and if you're meant for space. We promise the best educational and fun experience you've ever had!

So suit up and get ready for the camp of a lifetime or — better said — space-time!

Enrol here.

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