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  • Your personalised Nanonaut™ satellite, complete with your name laser-etched onto it. 

  • A satellite that will stay in orbit for a long, long time – up to 25 years! 

  • Payload space on the Virgin Orbit LauncherOne rocket to take your Nanonaut™ into orbit.

  • A film of the rocket launch showing your Nanonaut™ blasting off on board LauncherOne.

  • A powerful tracking app so you can follow your satellite’s progress as it orbits Earth.

  • Enrolment on our Junior Astronaut programme; the perfect place for future astronauts to learn about space and the people who work there.

  • The chance to travel into space! Every year, two lucky junior astronauts will journey into space aboard the Virgin spacecraft!


The nanonauts are attached to the adaptor plate of Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne, they will remain on the rocket as it deorbits and will proceed to burn up on re entry, thus leaving no trace in space.


Nanonauts cannot be sold for advertising or commercial purposes.


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