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Image by Gabriele Garanzelli


Live a week in the boots of an astronaut - explore, investigate, and discover the unknown! Our unique programme is specially designed for astronauts (to be!).  We call them ASCAN’s (Astronaut Candidates) and anyone with an interest in space can come and join us.
So, what do you do at spacecraft camp? Well, here’s a sneak peek of what you could get up to… 


Design, construct and launch your own model rocket!


Virtual Reality Flight Training - complete pilot challenges and unleash your inner maverick!


Human Performance Training - every astronaut needs to be ready to face the rigours of space. Can you keep your cool and navigate through the nooks and crannies of underground caves? Maintaining a calm and level headed composure in a cramped dark place is essential future astronaut training. 


What if there is an emergency in space and you have to de-orbit immediately? Because 70% of the earth's surface is water, the odds are you will land in the ocean somewhere. Could you survive for 2 or 3 days in a dinghy before rescuers arrive?  We will teach you how.


What if you land in a remote jungle, a forest or a desert? – We will give you survival training from the best military experts. It’s exciting and you will remember it for life. One day it could even save your life!


Part of being good is looking good – we’ll kit you out in our very own stylish spacesuits so you can practise moving and working in our replica space station.  It is trickier than you think!


Sending experiments to the threshold of space! We will show you how to send radiosonde balloons over 100,000ft into the air.  These specialist balloons will carry science experiments!  We’ll even attach cameras so you too can see the ascent.  You will be watching from the very edge of the atmosphere, over 3 times higher than an airliner.  It is a view that that only astronauts ever witness first hand!


Repair jet engines and experience what it’s like to be an engineer! 


And there’s so much more… 


We’ll see you soon- don’t forget to pack your toothbrush! Spacecraft Camps are expected to offer the first courses in the UK from April 2021 subject to Covid 19 – please register your interest in attending here.


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