Image by Jeremy Thomas


Image by Bryan Goff

We’re sending your Nanonaut into space… and you can come too!*

You have launched your Nanonaut and enrolled in our Junior Astronaut programme.  Now it’s time to see if you’re going to space too!

There are still al few hoops to jump through but from 2025 we hope to offer the opportunity for two of our Junior Astronaut members to go to space on Virgin Galactic-every year! Imagine - this is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss for the world! That’s right- you can actually be an astronaut! But you’re going to have to work for it!


This program is developing and currently in the discussion stage with Virgin Galactic and our plans depend on our agreement with Virgin Galactic the official certification of their commercial passenger services. You will need to be 18 to go to space.

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