Image by Jeremy Thomas


Image by Bryan Goff


Imagine yourself twisting and turning in the air as you float in the complete freedom of zero-gravity! It sounds like something that could only happen in a dream, doesn’t it? Well, believe it or not, we’re allowing YOU the opportunity to do exactly that!


Straight down the line, there are no ropes and pulleys. You will zip up your flight suit and climb aboard G-FORCE ONE; GoZeroG’s specially-adapted airliner! 


Once you’re ready for take-off, the highly experienced astronaut training crew will take you on a flight like no other! Get ready to soar into zero gravity. You’re about to experience a breath-taking manoeuvre... the PARABOLA!


First, the aircraft soars up to 32,000 feet before quickly hurtling back downwards. As you reach the top of this huge arc, you will be amazed to find yourself lifting off the ground as you become weightless for about 30 seconds. You can spin, somersault, dive, bounce and even walk up the walls as you float around the huge, padded chamber inside the aircraft.


And it won’t just happen once! You’ll have an incredible FIFTEEN zero and low-gravity experiences as G-FORCE ONE takes you on parabola after parabola. It will be the most exciting experience of your life as your body discovers what it’s like when there’s no gravity at all! You’ll also experience lunar gravity, which is one-sixth of Earth’s gravity, as well as discovering how astronauts will feel on Mars where gravity is one-third of ours. 


From arrival, to training, to flight, to landing, the experience will last about five hours. When you get back home, we’ll make sure you have some great photos and videos to look at, so that you can re-live this amazing experience again and again.


* As long as you are at least eight years’ old you can join us on this unforgettable experience.

* Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied onboard G-FORCE ONE by an adult. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by one adult per child. 

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